Bangladeshi Cricketer Leaks his 2nd wifes nude pictures.

Arafat Sunny is likely to face a ban by the Bangladesh Cricket Board after he leaked the private pictures of his second wife on the social media platform. Arafat Sunny’s second wife named Nasrin Sultana filed a legal complaint against the victimized cricketer under the ICT Act in the late January 22 that forced the policemen to put a barricade around Arafat Sunny. He was arrested and taken to the police station and in further investigation, the cricketer confessed the fact that he has married to another wife behind the scenes.

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Arafat Sunny’s lawyer Jewel Ahmed had some words to utter on the matter . “She wants Sunny to divorce his first wife, which is not possible. Now his first wife will also sue him if she gets divorced. So Sunny wants to keep both the wives.”

 Nasrin Sultana was not happy with the way Arafat Sunny behaved with her and she clearly expressed that Arafat cheater on her. “Unmarried was written on his passport when I went abroad with him. He cheated on me,” Nasrin Sultana added in a statement.


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