How RPS turned the table around

It is a mindset of everyone that if a team gets a good start they will qualify for the playoffs.

But, it is not the case.

Live examples :

In 2014,

KKR won 2 matches out of first 7 matches.

They won 9 matches continuously after that and ended up winning the tournament.

2 out of first 7 matches seems to be a very interesting number.

In 2015,

Mumbai Indians won 2 matches out of first 7 an ended up winning the tournament.

Then RCB won 2 out of 7 first matches and showed up into the finals.

The history repeats again. RPS who did not have a very good start are into finals already. RPS is the first team to reach into finals.

The reason behind RPS success is their bowling attack.

In the last 10 matches, their bowling stats are:

In powerplay the average is 23 and economy is 7.41

In death overs the average is 11 and economy is 8.03

It suggests one thing that

Whenever in doubt back your team with bowlers.


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