Ravi Shastri makes an akward remark at MS Dhoni at toss

Ravi Shastri, the former Indian cricketer turned coach, has made a name for himself in the commentary field. Shastri made a goof-up while speaking to the Indian Captain MS Dhoni, the local boy at the Ranchi stadium and embarrassed himself and the Indian skipper with a silly remark.

Shastri, who is known for his trademark remarks like ‘went like a tracer bullet’, ‘in the end, Cricket is the ultimate winner’, ‘just what the doctor ordered, ‘as the day progresses, it will get hotter’, ‘this is a Pressure Cooker situation here’ etc., which though clichéd, has become associated with Shastri’s name. He has previously misquoted while commenting on Harbhajan Singh, said that Bhajji is a ‘compulsive hooker’. This time he made a blunder of a remark while speaking to Dhoni.

While doing his duties at the toss in the 4th One-Day International in the five-match series between India and New Zealand, Shastri made a rather silly remark. Dhoni had lost the toss and had answered the obvious questions saying he would have liked to bowl first because of the dew coming into play later in the match and about the changes he made in his combination. Then came the stumper from Shastri, stumping Dhoni, when Shastri said to him, “You’ve played round the globe, you’ve played for millions of years…”

Dhoni being the captain of the team for a long time now, has faced tricky and intelligent questions at interviews and has handled them carefully answering subtly to avoid controversy, but here he was at a loss for words, not sure what to say at such a comment, and he decided to wave off the situation by smiling, saving both himself and Shastri of the blushes.


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