Video : Aamer Sohail says ICC has fixed the way for Pakistan to reach the Finals.

Aamer Sohail has been in talks after his statement which he made after Pakistan’s win over England. Now he has released a video on twitter in Urdu to clarify what he actually meant.


Here is English translation of same :

Aamer Sohail in his video released on twitter said : “Pakistan is a crowd puller whenever India & Pakistan plays it generates interest of people from all over the world, they(ICC) created pitches which suited Pakistan. They got used pitch against South Africa which suited Pakistani bowlers and helped them reverse the ball. Against Sri Lanka too they some how recovered from batting collapse to win again in a condition which suited their bowlers. Whenever a underdog has won a match against a favorite team its because of the conditions which suited them. Coming to England who was home team, Joe Root also said after match they got used pitch and they lost match because of pitch. This means ICC was favoring Pakistan instead of home team England, they (ICC) thought lets give a chance to Pakistan by providing them favorable conditions, so if India wins 2nd Semi final it will generate more money & interest in finals. Pakistan cricket is lagging behind from long time so they thought to raise the interest of cricket in Pakistan that’s the reason, I stated that Pakistan team is into finals because of a reason, all these things which people are talking related to gambling & match fixing was their misunderstanding you may think differently but this is what I think.”


He has got a point what do you people think let us lnow in comment box 


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